This Is Why I Love Delta

I’d fallen in love with Biscoff cookies awhile back on a flight. Then for the life of me, I could never remember what airline it was. This summer, by chance, I actually found biscoff cookies at the Genuardi’s in Conshohocken. I thought you could only order them on the internet! I quickly snatched up several packages and stuffed my face. What’s weird is that the Genuardi’s by my house does not carry them. It’s only this one Genuardi’s in Conshy. Blows my mind why that would be. Anyway, it’s Delta! On my flights to Mexico, I had the delightful opportunity to snack on these addictive cookies. I swear, they’re baked with rich sugary crack. To the people that got peanuts instead of biscoff, ha! My other airline love? In-flight magazine crosswords. Seriously.

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