After getting pho at Viet Huong and before stopping by Connie’s Ric Rac for a show, we wanted to chill out at a cafe with some hot tasty treats. While driving around, we found Chapterhouse. Turns out I was here once a gazillion years ago with K. I don’t remember why, but we were. And I remembered it fondly.
Chapterhouse is on 9th, just below South, but they have no sign. So somehow, you just have to know that it’s there. It’s also down the street from Starbucks. Just skip the Starbucks and go to Chapterhouse. The place is pretty big and clean. White walls, modern furniture, free wi-fi, all the good stuff. They also have interesting art on the walls that rotates.
So that saturday night, it was actually fairly empty. We had plenty of choice for seating, and could have even sat on the couches by the books, but we didn’t cuz they’re a bit dirty and stained. Instead, we grabbed one of the tables with the coolest bouncy chairs. R and I both got a decaf caramel mocha latte. They have a vast array of latte choices, and luckily for me, they’ll make everything decaf. It was even topped off with a chocolatey whipped cream. We both thoroughly enjoyed our lattes. And the baristas at Chapterhouse totally make everything with love, love, love. They even make little designs when they pour the steamed milk in. I love those little touches.
I really loved Chapterhouse so much that J and I went there on Sunday. Sunday was a different matter altogether. Although it was about the same time of day as Saturday, the place was absolutely packed on Sunday. Dang. Luckily, we stalked out some people that were leaving and got a table in the back. Whew! J got a regular plain ol latte, but it came in this adorable paisley cup.
It was another cold ass day that Sunday (so cold that I had pho again (damn, I love pho weather!)), so I got myself a hot chocolate. They make it with syrup and look at the finish! Powdered chocolate that they make little swirls in. Lovely. I really like this place. A lot. I’ll be back!
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