Little Mini Pizzas

With leftover ham from thanksgiving and a pineapple that J had gotten from his mom, it seemed fitting to make some hawaiian pizzas. I typically like to get the dough in a bag from trader joe’s, but since he didn’t have a proper cookie sheet, I decided we should make pita pizzas instead.
Got some sauce from trader joe’s and got some whole wheat pitas. I actually would have preferred regular white pitas, but they didn’t have any. It was weird. But I got regular wheat ones and mini wheat ones for the occasion. I ended up using the regular sized pitas that night.
They turned out quite nice I have to say. It was so super easy and it’d been such a long time since I’d had hawaiian pizza, I wondered why I’d waited so long.
Later that week, I made some veggie hawaiian pizzas with the mini pitas. I missed the ham, but it was still good. Some of the easiest meals I’ve made in awhile.

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