Brunch At The Sidecar

We’d been wanting to go to the Sidecar to try out the new menu, but it was closed on New Year’s Day. Boo!!! We were going to go for dinner on Saturday night, but then we decided to go to brunch on Sunday instead. We showed up fairly late for brunch, but all the tables were already taken. We were going to wait for one, but we eventually decided to eat at the bar.

Strong coffee that comes with a little star shaped ginger cookie. Cookie? Way too gingery, like real ginger root tasting, not cookie ginger tasting. Blech. I stopped after I nibbled on one teeny point of the star. But it’d be good for those who like genuine ginger.
The southwestern egg burrito. Sidecar gaffed this one, they forgot to put salsa in the burrito. So it was noticeably bland to J. It clearly indicated salsa on the menu and they totally just forgot it. He was given a little side of salsa and things were good again. These potatoes were pretty darn good. It also comes with a side of greens.

I had the re-New Orleans poached eggs. It was a crawfish potato hash, and the eggs were topped with a tomato Choron sauce. This was good, but the potatoes in the hash were a little crunchy. So that was a bit annoying. But aside from that, I enjoyed the dish.
Service was ok, as usual. Nothing great, but nothing bad. What did I think of this brunch? There were clearly a couple of big mistakes with our meals, but the food was good. But I think I will stick to the Sidecar for dinner and drinks.
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Brunch At The Sidecar
  1. Bill says:

    Happy New Year!

    I can’t comment on the brunch, be we went to the Sidecar for dinner a few months ago and it was good. In addition the server was timely and made some great suggestions after asking just a few questions.

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