Full-ish English Breakfast

Have y’all ever had a full english breakfast? Or a full irish breakfast? The contents can vary, but it usually involves some eggs, potatoes, bacon/ham type substance, baked beans, tomatoes, toast, and some sort of blood pudding. J had been talking about it for weeks, and he got me hankering, so I decided to make our dreams come true.

I cooked up some improvised potatoes, with onions, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes. They turned out pretty well for me making up the whole thing. We went with turkey bacon to feign some semblance of healthiness. The beans were from trader joe’s and they were quite excellent. And some eggs to round out the plate. Neither of us were interested in any type of blood pudding, which is a good thing as I would have had no clue as to where one can procure some. Hearty? Yes. Healthy? No. But I coveted every bite!

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