Happy New Year!

Happy 2009 everyone! 2008 was a doozie of a year for ol Foodzings. Ups, downs, good times, not-so-good-times, changes here, and changes there, but one of the most memorable years in a long time. 2009 promises to be quite a doozie as well, as I embark on many new ventures. New Year’s Eve is never a big deal for me. I prefer it to be subdued. I’m not one for big parties at bars or hotels or paying a bunch of money to get dressed up. So I was happy to go to S’s place in the city for a lovely little NYE gathering.
She had quite a spread of appetizers, snacks, and other good treats. Spinach dip and 7 layer dip. I love dips of all kinds.

These little cherry tomatoes and mozzarella hunks were drizzled with a lovely little spicy oil.

Veggies with a ranch dip. Excellent ranch dip actually. Meatballs using Mrs. T’s famous recipe. Sweet and delightful.

Lasagna that J made on his own, his first lasagna ever. And little bruschetta like things, with ham and perhaps a tapenade? There was also plenty of drinks to be had. I for one had some fun with rum and coke. AC Cola to be exact. And when the clock struck 12, I’d had my share of cheap sparkling wine. No fancy expensive champagne for me. It’s all about martini and rossi asti spumante! Here’s wishing all you out there an amazing 2009!

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Happy New Year!
  1. jesus says:

    Those meatballs looks delicious!!
    O O O

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