My Chili F’in Rocks

People, people, listen up. I make good chili. It’s a fact. And since it’s clearly winter, it’s just the time to whip up a batch. I’ve been making this for years, ever since I saw a recipe on Oprah (or something like that) and it was a copykat recipe of Wendy’s chili. Then I adulterated it over the years and added things I felt like. But it always turns out well. So fight the cold weather and make yourself some chili.


Ground meat – pick your favorite, a lb or two, or anywhere in between
Chopped up onion
Canned beans – 3 or 4 cans of whatever you choose, typically kidney, white, pink, etc
1 can baked beans
1 can Campbell’s french onion soup
1 can v8 or something equivalent
1 can stewed tomatoes, whatever variety you want
1 can tomato paste
Cut up frozen bell peppers, red/yellow/orange, I don’t like green so I leave em out
Ketchup – some
BBQ sauce – some
Chili powder – however much you want
Paprika – you decide
Cayenne – you decide
Cumin – a little
Black pepper – however much you want
Garlic powder – you decide


In a big pot on highish heat, cook up onions and cook up the meat. Spoon out the grease, if you want. Throw in the soup, stewed tomatoes, tomato paste, v8, and stir it all up while simmering. Add the beans and stir this up too. Add in the bell peppers and then throw in all the spices and condiments, however much you want. Again, It’s really up to you. And let this simmer for a long ass time, stirring occasionally, tasting and tweaking to your liking. If you want spice, you could chop up a chili pepper and throw it in. And you’ll end up with a vat full of delicious homemade chili.Enjoy!

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