Boston’s Boring Salad

For my last day in Seattle, we went on another team lunch. This time, we were back at Mill Creek Town Center, dining at Boston’s Gourmet Pizza. It’s a chain of restaurants, seems to be a sports bar type place, that has tons of different gourmet pizzas, along with sandwiches, salads, and entrees. Man, was this place huge! There’s the main dining area, which is huge, and then the bar area, which is just as huge. I wonder if this place ever gets packed. I was going to be flying all day, so I wanted something light. So I got the Boston’s Chicken Salad. It came with grilled chicken breast, cheddar and mozzarella, smoked bacon, carrots, pecans, and is topped with sliced eggs and tomatoes. I nixed the pecans and got oil and vinegar dressing. While the salad part was ok, the dressing was not interesting at all. So it ended up being a fairly bland salad. And sadly, the chicken was also pretty blah. I can’t believe that it was actually grilled. It tasted like it was boiled and then they grilled it last minute to warm it up and make it look grilled. It was such boring chicken! It was such a stark contrast from that amazing piece of chicken that was on my salad at Red Robin. It’s a shame really. The innards of this salad were great. Had they had better dressing and good chicken, it would have probably been quite good. The piece of garlic bread it came with was pretty good. The service was good though. Maybe not so much good, but certainlyl enthusiastic. For it being noon, the girl was freakishly chipper.

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