Brunch At The 5 Spot In Austin… Uh, No, Seattle

So on my open free day in Seattle, I just decided to roam around. I started at Queen Anne, to have brunch at 5 Spot. I keep coming back to Queen Anne. I can’t help it, I like it! I spotted this place (yes, pun intended), when I was across the street dining at Betty. Then I looked it up and after seeing that it got fairly positive reviews, decided to give it a go. It’s basically a diner, but with much stranger decorations, and for whatever reason, an Austin theme. Since I lived in Austin, it was kind of a throwback for me.

A giant paper mache pink armadillo hangs from the ceiling. It’s creepy, yet slightly adorable.
The place was absolutely packed (I stupidly showed up at around 12:30 on a Saturday), and there was a huge wait. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait too long for a spot at the counter, as I pretty much stalked someone and as soon as his ass left the seat, I went right for it. A bowl of these curious things were on the counter – freezerves. Freezer jam, never heard of it. Then I looked it up and it’s jam that’s stored in the freezer, and it’s better because the fruit isn’t cooked as much. There were different varieties, and I tried the marionberry, and raspberry, and strawberry ones. They were ok tasting, but they all have a crazy near neon technicolor look that just seems unnatural. Tastes fine, but looks a little fake.
Their menu has tons of choices, including your standard brunch fare, tex-mex favorites, and good old texas bbq. I wasn’t really in the mood for a plate full of flesh, so I just went with the 5 spot breakfast of two eggs, your choice of meat, toast, and a giant heap of hash browns. It’s about the most hash browns I’ve ever laid eyes on. I asked for my eggs over hard, and they were great. They must have used a little form as they came out in a perfect circle. Everything else was pretty good, but the hash browns were just too much. Most of it was also soft and mushy, and I really like the crunchy bits the best.
Service was great. The server/bartender was manning the entire counter by himself, and it’s a pretty huge counter. And he was making all of the drinks for the entire place, and was doing a great job.Get here early or get here late, and stuff your face.
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