Cocktails Anyone?

I’ve heard really great things about Southwark, both food and drink. Since we’d already eaten, we stopped by for their supposedly fabulous cocktails. The bar is pretty small, but there’s stools and some high top tables you can grab, if you’re lucky. They’ll make you pretty much anything, but they do have a drink menu with some signature cocktails. I thought my drink was great. They’re a bit pricey, but they’re made with love, they’re strong, and they’re worth it. R didn’t really end up drinking hers because she said it tasted like alcohol. Um, yeah, it’s made with alcohol!

We smelled lots of food while we were there. It totally makes us want to go eat there now! There seems to be lots of regulars here, as the bartenders always seemd to be saying hello to everyone knowing their names. This place is cool. Very old school. It seems like you’ve walked into a movie set, and I’m a big fan of being transported. Next time, I’ll report on the food!

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