My Favorite Thing About Canada

A few jobs ago, I had to go to Canada a lot. Not like every week, but much more than anyone would want to. And it was most likely during winter. Have you ever been to Canada in winter? It’s no joke. But one of the saving graces of our northern neighbors is Tim Hortons, a restaurant chain. It’s not exactly a restaurant, it’s more of a coffee place. When I first started going to them, they were mainly a coffee and donut / breakfast sandwich kind of place. Eventually, over the years, they started adding sandwiches and soups and other food stuff to their menu.
I’m not a coffee drinker, but on those wintry canadian mornings, I would always stop at a Tim Hortons to get a hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin, both of which were always excellent. And I would always see canadians ordering coffee, saying things like “double double”, and me not understanding what the hell they were saying. I did try the food once, and it too was good.
There are Tim Hortons in the US, just none around here. They have some complicated relationship with Wendy’s, or at least they did, and so you might see some Wendy’s / Tim Hortons combinations throughout your travels. If you encounter one, give it a try. Millions of canadians can’t be wrong.

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