M took me out to dinner one night in his neck of the woods, Bellevue. What’s in Bellevue? Well, the place is huge. I mean, it’s technically a suburb of Seattle, but it’s not anyone’s suburb. It’s a big ass city on its own. It’s the second largest city center in all of Washington. Its downtown rivals any large city’s downtown. It has a giant mall. Lots of people live there. Anyway, we grabbed a quick bite at the Pumphouse. It’s a bar, and not in a particularly attractive location. But once inside, it’s homey. You wouldn’t expect it to be like that. It’s slightly divey, but not in a bad way, definitely not fancy, and without one ounce of pretense. Anyone can hang out here. I got a french dip sandwich. I always have a soft place in my heart for the french dip. I guess I like anything that comes with something you can dip into, especially au jus. The fries were ok. I also had my first taste of a local brew – Mac & Jacks. It’s a brewery from Redmond, you know, neighbor to Bellevue, and home of Microsoft. Everybody knows Mac & Jacks around here, namely it’s Mac & Jack’s amber ale. Namely, it’s tasty.
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