Sang Kee Noodles

Before checking out a show at Johnny Brenda’s, we stopped by in Chinatown for a quick meal. We wanted some noodles so I picked Sang Kee. An unsavory character shooed my car into a spot. As if I was going to miss it if he didn’t point it out to me. And then he expected a tip, as if the street was his parking lot. Sorry fella.
Wonton soup. R always gets wonton soup. When she can’t get it, she gets disappointed. Small bowl, but lots of little wontons.
She also got the needle noodles with pork and shrimp. It came with a surprising omelette on top. Neither of us knew what needle noodles were, other than they were probably rice based. Neither of us expected them to look like theses. I said they look like fish bait. She said they looked like slugs. They tasted great, but you know, they are funny looking. When I have gotten these shaped noodles before, they were called pearl noodles. Yet that is another name which is a bit of a misnomer. I think we need to come up with a new name for these. I guess slug noodles or fish bait noodles isn’t all that enticing.

I got the seafood ho fun. There’s nothing I like more than a wide flat rice noodle. Yes, it’s a weakness. And whatever greens they always put in these, I also love as well. I wish I knew what they were called, but I don’t. I just know i love them. There was also fish cake, shrimp, scallops, and squid. My favorite is always the squid. The scallops come a close second. The sauce on this is thick and tends to be a little bit bland, so I always squeeze sriracha on this and it becomes that much better. One of my favorite dishes to have, ever.

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