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I’d been to Ludwig’s a couple times. Once on the inside to have some beers and some of their delicious pretzel rods, and another time outside for Oktoberfest. Then it went away. And then the spot was reinvented as Time. We stopped by there the other night to have a few drinks.

We were on the bar side, or at least the side without the live music, and I was pleased to find that it pretty much looked like Ludwig’s used to. It didn’t have the busty fraus wearing dirndls, but the space was still like the old spot. They’ve got a good number of beers on draft, and then some more in bottles. It’s also an absinthe bar. Weird. There was a wall between the two main areas that was covered completely by jar bottoms. It was pretty impressive.

We had already eaten so we didn’t order food, but J wanted some grub so he ordered up some mussels and fries. The mussels are cooked up in a tomato base, along with some beans, spices, and sausage. B & K also got some kind of chicken on a stick appetizer, but I didn’t get a chance to get photographic evidence of that. They liked em though.
I couldn’t resist tasting some of the fries. And I do have to say that they were awesome. I really liked these! These are some of the better fries I’ve had in Philadelphia. They are a bit on the thicker side, but were nice and crunchy on the outside. I’m not a fan of the soggy thick fry. Service was ok, nothing to rave about.

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