The Chocolate Weekend

What did I get for valentine’s day this year? I got sick is what I got. HA! Not sure where it came from, but it struck with a vengeance on Friday, dang it! So I didn’t really feel good enough to go eat somewhere. And I’m not really into dining with crowds on a day where there’s inflated fixed priced meals, so it was probably a good thing anyway.

I did end up with some gifts of chocolate on this weekend though, both completely unexpected. The first was a box of adorable truffles from choxie. Choxie is the target house brand chocolate. It came in this adorable box that actually had slide out tiers in it. Yes, it was fancy. And the chocolates are delish.
I also got a gift from M when she got back from Belgium. Have you ever had Neuhaus chocolates? Yes, they’re belgian, and yes, they rock.

If you can find it, you’ll love it.

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