Worth Crow’in About

Crow is the other restaurant run by the same people who run Betty. It’s in the South Queen Anne area. And damn, is it a bitch to find parking around there. Crow’s got a very similar setup to Betty. A good sized dining area, not too big, and a chef’s counter. I sat at the chef’s counter, of course. That’s where all the action is! The same exact bread and oil as Betty. But this time around, my bread wasn’t nearly as crunchy or crusty. And I liked it much better this way. It was good before, but it was great this time. Like Betty, the menu is fairly small. And they also have a $30 fixed price option during the week. But like Betty, I didn’t go for that. Upon the server’s recomendation, I ordered the calimari as an appetizer. It was seared calamari with capers, sun-dried tomatoes, and a risotto cake. I don’t like capers, but I asked her if I would like it anyway, despite my dislike for capers, and she said yes. And also that they could make it without the capers. I said they could just make it normally and I would just avoid the capers. And avoid them I did. I knew I didn’t like capers, but I wasn’t sure why. So I tried a few, just to make sure. And it certainly cemented my dislike for them. The dish was a bit more bland than I expected, even with the sun-dried tomatoes. But I quite liked the risotto cake. It was like a hash brown, but made with rice. Crunchy on the outside. The fish of the day was seared black cod, served with black rice and baby bok choy in a hoisin vinaigrette sauce. Although there were other things on the menu that were very enticing (like the short ribs), I had to get this.  Oh this was so good. I watched one of the chefs make my fish, from start to finish. First she cooked it in the pan a bit, and then baked it in the oven. It was cooked perfectly. The black rice had such a strong flavor, and it was cooked just enough, with a tiny bit of crunch. The baby bok choy was also delicious. And it was plenty of food for me. Once again, no room for dessert.

In the open kitchen here at Crow, there are 3 female chefs. At Betty, there were 3 male chefs. I found this to be slightly odd, but figured there was a reason for this.  For whatever reason, both sets of chefs worked perfectly together.  As at Betty, the 3 chefs at Crow worked impressively in synch, anticipating each others moves.  Everything was coordinated effortlessly.  My server at Crow was great.  Friendly, helpful, and attentive.  All in all, another excellent meal, along with a free cooking show!

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