Asian At The Mall

My mom and I were supposed to eat dinner together on Monday night but the snowstorm stopped us. She won’t drive if there’s snow on the ground. So we postponed for a few days and then visited our favorite mall, K of P, to do a little shopping along with the dining. I wasn’t in the mood for any of the chain stuff, so I just made an executive decision to eat at Blue Pacific Chinese Bistro & Sushi. I’d passed by it a gazillion times but had never actually eaten there. It was worth a shot. The place is pretty sizable on the inside, with a bar on one corner and a sushi bar along one wall. The menu is a mix of asian cuisines – chinese, thai, and sushi/japanese. And here I had thought it was only straight up sushi this whole time. I was pretty hungry so I got a spicy tuna roll to start. This was your standard spicy tuna roll. Nothing exceptional, but perfectly acceptable. My mom got the steamed tilapia with a ginger sauce. This dish was excellent. It was two huge pieces of tilapia, perfectly steamed, with a very light ginger based sauce. It wasn’t heavy or greasy at all, and a very healthy selection. I got the dish called peking noodles. This was basically their version of the dan dan noodles dish at pf chang’s. There’s rice noodles, julienned cucumbers, sprouts, and ground pork in a slightly sweet and spicy sauce. The pf chang version has egg noodles and ground chicken instead. I liked this dish, and there was plenty of food for me to scarf down. Overall, we enjoyed our meal here. While dining, we saw the two sushi chefs working on at least 2 sushi boats. You know, the big ass huge ones, with like 100 pieces of sushi on them. Whoa. Service was fine, nothing out of the ordinary to report.
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