Causing A Raucous At Dairy Queen

After seeing how all that delicious canned food got made, we were starving. Cuz y’know, we hadn’t eaten all day. So we hopped across the street from the factory for some quick calorie intake at the Dairy Queen. This was an old ass fashioned Dairy Queen. Check out the signage. So old that it actually still says Dairy Queen, and not DQ.

I scarfed down a strawberry cheesequake blizzard. Delicious, but not as good as I’ve had before. There’s supposed to be cheesecake chunks in there, but I found none. I think maybe she just blizzarded them all into smithereens. It’s better when there’s still chunks. We got a lot of stares while we were there, as we had just increased the minority quotient of this town by…. oh 100%. But they were still nice to us. But yeah, we didn’t stay too long!

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