Mama Carolla’s

After only having eaten DQ, we actually needed real food once we got back to Indianapolis. Wouldn’t you know it started thundering and pouring on our drive back, making it all the more precarious. J has friends in the food industry who live in Indianapolis, so he made a call and because we felt like Italian, the friend recommended Mama Carolla’s.

The place is pretty cool. It’s in an old house that was a model home for some spanish villa type houses that got built back in the day. The house was super cool, I would dream of having a house like that. We got seated in an upstairs nook looking kind of area of the house.

We started off with a fried ravioli appetizer. Very hot (temperature) and very tasty.

J went old school, and got spaghetti with italian sausage. I was impressed with his ability to house this.
I got the Chef Mike’s “Pasta Too Good”, which was penne tossed with chicken, shrimp, broccoli, tomatoes, and garlic. It was just what I wanted, nothing too heavy, but still very flavorful. Service was just ok. There was a serious cold draft where we were sitting, so neither of us enjoyed that so much. But it was a great dinner of solid italian food.
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Mama Carolla’s
  1. Walt says:

    This place was terrible. The service was extremely slow, the staff including the hostess and waitress were quite grumpy and the food was over priced for only being so, so. I had a party of eight and they treated us like meat.

    I will certianly nev er go back there and would recommend you stay away!

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