Quick To Go’s At Tim Hortons

We didn’t get to eat a proper lunch in ohio, so we had to eat a little snack before heading back to Indiana. My bro lives in Columbus, so I asked him where toe at. He pointed us to his favorite sushi spot but when we got there, it hadn’t opened yet. We could not wait one more minute to eat, so we hopped on over to the Tim Hortons instead. J got two little egg salad wraps. I got a turkey sandwich on a bagel. And a donut. Don’t forget about the donut. My sandwich was awesome, by the way. It had some delicious honey mustard on it, much to my surprise.
I told you this is a coffee place, so similar to our dunkin donuts, you can get your own tim hortons roasts and brew it at home.

Oh, the delectable display of donuts, muffins, and pastries. They are from canada, so there are things with “maple” in the name. They were super nice too, and yes, it was attached to Wendy’s. We were in Columbus, home of Wendy’s, so it all made sense.

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