Quite The Party Spread

We made the trek over to adorable Mullica Hill, NJ, to party for C’s 40th birthday. In their adorable house, they filled it with plenty of amazing eats. I was in finger freakin food heaven.
Sushi rolls! Delicious! Plus egg rolls. Again, delicious!
Veggie plate with blue cheese dip. Some amazing and mild manchego cheese. Toast points with artichoke dip. Deviled eggs. Oh yeah, I had way too many of these. There were two versions of deviled eggs, and the more runny ones that the birthday boy made himself were far superior. Toasted bagel bites with cream cheese spreads. Cheese and crackers, including these delightful little pretzel crackers with mustard flavoring. They were awesome.
Mozzarella sticks, which people raved about. The other, not as good as the other, but still good deviled eggs. More egg rolls. Mini puff pastries, I imagine they were spinach filled, and then there were also pigs in blankets.
Along with some nut bar dessert things, and mini cheesecakes, there was this adorable little tower of fudge and dulce de leche. Oh my word. Sugary madness. The dulce de leche caramels were unbelievable. This was some of the best party food I’ve had in a long time. Plus, we ended the night by having a kick ass fire out in their back yard. Thanks C & M!

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