Sidecar Sandwiches

We decided to take a break from the pho madness that had been happening every weekend. So we finally headed over to the Sidecar for dinner.

J got the pulled pork sandwich. I’d gotten this here awhile back, but this time, it was different. Last time it was much more wet and bbq-y. This time, the meat was very very smoky, like jerky. Good, but in a completely different way. I remember the cornbread though, and it’s still awesome.
I just got a burger, with bacon, cheese, and caramelized onions. This was a good burger. And it came with a giant heap of fries, which were also good. The Good Dog burger is still better, but this one is pretty good as well. We sat at the bar and also had some cold Reading beers. They serve them in frosted glasses, which makes it even colder, and so that much better. It was loud and crowded as usual. They’re supposedly opening up the second floor for dining. I can’t wait until that happens!
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