Steak N Shake

There was a Steak n Shake directly across from my hotel. The last time I ate at a Steak n Shake, I was somewhere else in the midwest, and I don’t remember where. I remember liking it though, and I remember really liking the milkshakes. Detroit is seeming like that may have been it.

It’s a diner-type place, with lots of burgers and milkshakes and such. Nothing fancy here, but there is something on the menu you can’t find in most places. They have this thing called chili mac. Yes chili mac. I believe it’s cincinnati style chili, which means it’s a plate of spaghetti that they put chili and cheese and onions on top of. I’d seen this on tv, but never in person. I had to have it! So have it I did. And you know what? It was good. Seriously. I mean, what’s not to like? Spaghetti, check! Chili, check! Really, how can you go wrong with this?
I also got a banana shake. I couldn’t not get a shake while I was here. Yes, it was as good as I remembered. Service was a mess. I got this to go, but the girl who waited on me was a trainee and had no idea what she was doing. The girl cooking the food looked miserable. But whatever, I liked what I got!

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