Beers At Eulogy

After staying in and making some stir-fry with our german visitors, we decided to go out for some beers. Monk’s or Eulogy was on our short list. We drove past Monk’s and saw that it was super crowded (even on a Tuesday night), so we headed over to Eulogy instead. There was one table left for us. Score!
The place is owned by Belgians, and there’s a number of beers on tap and hundreds of beers in bottles. The menu is large. They have tons of beers from all over the world, but barely any domestics. So don’t come here to drink Miller lite.
And like Monk’s, the beer ain’t cheap. So don’t come here if you’re looking for dollar beers. Go to McGlinchey’s instead. If you want exotic foreign beers, then pick something on the menu, or get recommendations from the servers, and open up your wallet. One of these days, I’m going to have to try their food.
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