Ekta Takeout

I was hankering for some indian food, it had been such a long time, so I decided to get some take-out. I planned on Minar Palace, but then I started reading some reviews about the newly opened one. They were all pretty bad. ┬áSo I nixed that. Instead, I went with Ekta, in Fishtown. I picked mutter paneer and tandoori chicken, along with garlic naan and onion naan. The paneer was amazing. I love this stuff. You know I’m totally a flesh lover, but when it comes to indian food, I’ve had some great meals going veggie. The sauce on this was amazing, and I love the substantiveness of the cheese. And I love anything with peas.

The chicken tandoori was mad spicy, like too spicy. And it annoyed us because it had all kinds of bones. Maybe I was spoiled before, but in the past when I’d had chicken tandoori, it had always been nice hunks of boneless chicken breast. Not so here. There were bones everywhere and it was rather difficult to eat. Both the naans were amazing, especially the onion, which I’d never had before. I’ll skip the chicken tandoori next time, but I’ll definitely be getting more take-out from Ekta!

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