Hangin at Tryst

After festing it, we headed over to the Adams Morgan neighborhood. There’s a main drag with a bazillion restaurants. Like seriously, it seemed way too many. After walking around awhile and exploring, we luckily ended up at Tryst. This place is a bar / lounge / coffee shop / cafe. You can drink, get coffee, eat, hang out, surf the net. I totally loved the concept.
By the time we got to Adams Morgan, I wasn’t feeling too hot, so I didn’t drink. I just lounged. They have tons of tables, chairs, and a mish mash of couches. Their menu looked really good as well. I wish we could have eaten. There was a nacho dish that we were both very interested in.

J did have a couple of beers though. A bit on the expensive side, but I think it’s pretty normal for DC. Service was good, our waitress was super nice and accommodating. The crowd here is nice and varied. If I lived in DC, I’d definitely frequent this joint!

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