Home Cookin at The Diner

So when we got hungry enough for a proper meal, we walked up and down the main strip some more, looking for just the right place. And where did we end up? The Diner, which is a sister restaurant to Tryst and practically next door. So basically, we just took a nice long pre-dinner walk. The Diner is just as it sounds, a diner. They’re open 24-hours and serve standard diner fare. There’s disco balls though and a kick-ass soundtrack.
We both went with old school homey dishes. J got meatloaf. This was good meatloaf. There was a spice in there I could not identify, but it made it even better.

I got the turkey platter. This was just what I needed. My stomach had been upset so I wanted something fairly tame. So turkey and mashed potatoes was just what I needed. They grilled the turkey a little bit, and that made it taste even better. It didn’t come with enough gravy for my liking, and we had a slight water spill which took even more of the gravy away, but that was ok. It was still great. The turkey was served on top of 4 pieces of bread. And it wasn’t just crap plain white bread either (even though I love plain white bread) it was really lovely and dense sourdough bread.

Service was fine. Our waiter looked just like the dude from Office Space who ends up in the full body cast and makes the jump to conclusions mat. But bigger. It was uncanny. Unlike most diners, this place serves booze! So you can get your drink on with your meatloaf.

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