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Another day, another neighborhood. So on sunday, we went to georgetown. I’ve been in DC a few times, but never to georgetown. There’s a main strip there, full of shops and restaurants, so we roamed around a bit and then finally stopped for brunch at Mie N Yu, a place that dubs itself as a place of “Silk Road Celebration”. Which means they combine american cuisine with flavors from Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. So it’s all kinds of fusion basically.
The decor is also a hodge podge, but cool. They have tons of indian / hindu type art and religious figures.

Also middle eastern type decor as well, lots of curtains and drapes and rich jewel colors. The place is very moody and romantic. There’s a variety of seating options including booths, big tables with cushions, a nook up the stairs, etc.

The menu is a hodge podge as well. To me, it was heavy on the indian and thai side. Or may be that’s just becauase it was a lunch menu. Not sure. But we were both starving so we got a couple of lassis, hoping they would come out super fast. They did not. But once they did, they were amazing. The pomegranate lassi was so freakin good. And so was the mango lassi. I’ve had mango lassi tons of times, but this was the first one where mint was mixed in with it. Normally, I do not like mint in my food. But for whatever reason, it totally worked in this one. These lassis were dreamy. I wish I had another one right now.

J got the banana walnut pancakes. These were huge, and full of big hunks of banana and walnuts. Absolutely great. And you even got some potatoes and a little fruit skewer. And it was pretty cheap. Seriously. We were expecting DC prices and DC portions, but it was tons of food for a really good price. I’m talking less than $10.

For me, I stayed away from traditional brunch fare and went with their steak & egg fried rice. This was a giant heaping of fried rice, which had beef and egg in it, along with some thai basil. And then there was an additional helping of steak. The menu said there was bean sprouts in it, but it did not have it. And I love me some bean sprouts. But that’s ok, because this thing was beyond tasty. We both loved it.

Service was ok. There only seemed to be one waiter, and he was very harried, so it was hard to get his attention. While tons of other runners brought the food out, it was only delivered by the waiter, so he ended up being a huge bottleneck. Also, your food does not come out quickly, so don’t be in a hurry. But it was worth the wait. So just take in the ambiance while you wait, because you’ll eventually get some great food.

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