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I had had a fun dinner at SangKee Asian Bistro with my mom, her boss and his family, and a distant relative and her daughter. It’s one of my favorite places around my neighborhood. It’s good food, good ambiance, good service, and good prices. This was the first time where they brought out complimentary pickled radish, carrots, and cucumbers out to the table. I love this kind of stuff. And I had been pretty much starving all day, so I thoroughly enjoyed this.

We ordered a bunch of stuff, including several noodle soups. Seafood noodles and roast pork wonton noodles. I love the noodle soups here. They’re tasty, hearty, and cheap.

Some kind of sauteed snow pea leaves and shiitaki mushrooms. The snow pea leaves were great. I had no idea what they were, and wasn’t sure if I’d ever knowingly eaten them before, but I’m a big fan now.
Panang seafood fried rice, one of my favorite dishes here. A nice mix of seafood, peas, rice, and such in a curry-ish sauce. What’s not to love about this?
Clams in black bean sauce. The sauce on this was incredible, I poured this over rice and just ate that alone. I’m not that crazy about clams, so it was much more about the sauce for me with this dish. Service was good as usual. This is always a solid bet when you’re hungry in the main line.

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