Shovelling Food At Banana Leaf

So the mogwai show was at the trocadero. So where does one eat before a show at the troc? Why banana leaf of course, since it’s conveniently next door. I would come up with any excuse to eat here though, if I’m going to be honest. It was a busy and hopping saturday night, as usual.

E got the pearl noodles. One of my favorite dishes there. What isn’t a favorite dish of mine here?
P got the pad thai. I was puzzled by why there was a heap of separate sprouts on his plate. I hadn’t seen this particular plating style before. I don’t remember him asking for his sprouts to be separate either. Seems random.

J got the beef chow fun. Looks like a giant portion, but he wolfed this down in seconds flat. He was really freakin hungry though. So maybe he’s just a pig.
I got the seafood scramble egg chow fun. I had gotten this once before, but I totally forgot that this is how it shows up, in a shallow pool of eggy gravy. I really like this, it’s just very dangerous on this flat plate. You can’t move it once it’s placed on the table. And you need to stick a tiny bit of hot sauce on it to give it a teensy bit more flavor.

Everything is good here. We had roti canai as well. The food came out quickly, as usual. And they kept filling our water glasses with practically every sip. You do feel a little rushed though. E especially felt this since she was the slowest eater of the bunch. Or maybe she eats normally, and the rest of us just open our mouths and shovel. After they had taken our plates away, and she was still eating, every time she took a bite, someone came over to see if she was done. It was hilarious. They do try to get you in and out of here quickly though, even though there are usually a couple of empty tables. I don’t think it’s out of rudeness or anything, they’re just efficient at getting people in and out. The servers always look to be itching to do something.
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Shovelling Food At Banana Leaf
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    Wow! that food sounds delicious…mouthwatering photos.

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