The Last Drop

After lunch, we went back to the Last Drop and finally found some seats. Of course, by the time we were ready to leave, we found out there’s a downstairs that has plenty of room. Oops. This place is a mish mash of stuff… furniture, decor, colors, art, it’s all just a random mix of stuff. That’s not a bad thing. There was a photo exhibit of some interesting pics… of a guy that had taken pictures of himself doing romantical date type activities with himself. It was quite hilarious, yet slightly disturbing when you first notice them. Some of them are a bit on the explicit side.
I was stuffed from the smoothie and the brunch so I didn’t drink anything. But J just got an iced coffee and he enjoyed it very much. He said it was quite coffee-y. Isn’t that the point? We both liked this place, but be prepared to not be able to get a seat on a nice day.

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