Veggie Hoagie

After a day of visiting a client and then being on call after call after call, I was hankering for a banh mi. And not the regular pork one, but a veggie one. Yes, sometimes, I can go veggie! I’d heard good things of the tofu banh mi at Nhu Y, so I stopped by. I showed up right before they were about to close! I ordered one veggie hoagie.

It’s filled with tofu and veggies in a crusty baguette long roll. Although I would have loved more of the pickled daikon and carrots (they’re more shredded and a bit mushy and less crunchy than I’d like here), it totally hit the spot. I love me some tofu in all shapes and forms. I know some of you don’t care for it, but y’know, I grew up with it so I love it.

I think it’s just a husband and wife who own the place. When I was there, the wife made the sandwich. And damn, did she take her good ol time making it. There was no one else there. There were no call-in orders. And she just lolligagged and just went as slow as she possibly could. And while she’d be half-heartedly making my sandwich, she’d be shoving random food bits in her mouth. Not exactly what I wanted to see. But oh well, at least my food tasted good, and it was dirt cheap. Just don’t expect fast service!

Nhu Y
802 Christian St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 925-6544

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Veggie Hoagie
  1. Bill says:

    I really enjoyed our Banh Mi at Cafe Nhu Y. It’s a pretty small shop and doesn’t offer a lot of curb appeal, but the sandwiches inside are so good.

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