Brunch Specials At Kanella

J loved our last visit to Kanella so much that he made his mom come down especially so he could take her there. Plus, she’s a whole lots Greek so it was a bit of a tribute to her ancestors. There was a nice mix of diners there, but it wasn’t too crowded. We were smart and made reservations since this was graduation weekend.
J had wanted a frappe before but didn’t get one the last time, so he definitely got it this time. It was suprisingly light and airy. How do they make this thing? And why does it form the layers? Scientists, please tell me. Something with density? Polarity?
C got the kanella platter, especially because she loves grape leaves. It’s a smorgasbord of stuffed grape leaves, tabuleh, falafel, zucchini fritter, spicy tomato salad, tzantziki, olives, and pita. She had requested to have hummus instead of the spicy tomato salad, but they just gave her hummus along with everything else. Can you see why we love Kanella so? Every last thing on this plate was delicious.
J got one of the specials which was a half cornish hen cooked in foil and served with roasted potatoes. While the dish was delicious with an amazing sauce, J would have been happier with a whole cornish hen. He didn’t realize how small and bony of a bird this would be. And he always has a hearty appetite. Despite the smallness, he still loved the dish and the flavoring. Seriously, the sauce was yum.

I also got a special, which was a penne pasta with pulled pork and peas and an assortment of other spices and accoutrements. And again, amazing dish. I totally ate all of this up. I have no idea what was in it, but it was delicious. I left pretty much nothing on this plate.

Service was good. And once again, the chef/owner came by several times to check up on us. And just like last time, his wife and the kids were there as well, along with lots of happy eaters. They are starting up monthly cooking lessons in June. Sounds fun!
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