Dink’s – More Meat

A place that’s known and popular in Bartlesville is Dink’s. Yet another bbq place. Sense a theme yet?
This must be Dink. He’s kinda cute, yet creepy.
I pretty much ordered the same thing I’d ordered the night before – sliced brisket and ribs. I also got slaw and corn on the cob. At Dink’s, they put a tiny bit of sauce on the meat, and they don’t give you any extra. You got tons more meat at Dink’s. In fact, probably too much. I could barely make a dent into my dink’s. The brisket didn’t really have any fat on it, and that’s probably one of the reasons it was a bit on the dry side. Good, but a bit dry. The ribs were great though.

Once again, the slaw was excellent. I’m a big fan of these oklahoma style slaws. Like before, the corn wasn’t sweet, so it was just ok. I think I liked the meat and sauce from Trails End better, but Dink’s is more bang for your bbq buck.

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