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After a saturday mid-day trip to trader joe’s that actually wasn’t excruciating (thank goodness for the mass exodus of the college folk!) and a good day of roaming around town in the heat, hot, heat, we stopped in at Good Dog for a quick dinner. We didn’t really know where we wanted to eat, and it’s always a safe spot, so we just made the quick decision.
You know the drill. They’ve got awesome burgers here. Just look at how big that is. That’s what she said. This is the traditional burger with cheddar cheese and their dreamy fries. I was picking at the sweet potato fries, because you know, I can’t help myself.

I wasn’t particularly famished so I got the chicken chorizo quesadillas. It’s considered a small plate but I couldn’t finish it. It’s a whole wheat tortilla stuffed with homemade chicken chorizo, scallions, manchego cheese, and potatoes and topped with sour cream and avocado salsa verde. Really good. And look at that little arugula side salad that J got too. To try to make up for the giant burger and greasy fries he inhaled.

It was a memorable night of servers because we had one who had a strange hipster goatee and another server who was clearly a bit too beer gutted to be wearing skinny jeans and a size small polo shirt. Borrowing from the immortal wisdom bestowed upon us from the hosts of What Not To Wear, dress for your size now, not what size you were in junior high.

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