Sidecars And Eats

After the philly pho pheast, we hopped on over to Sidecar, again. And had sidecars, again. Do I sound like a broken record? Seriously, this is a good drink. And it’s only $6. And I don’t know what’s in it, but it’s all booze, so it will do quite a number on you. Or at least it does on me. I think it’s a bargain.
We stayed awhile and got peckish. So we ordered a couple of apps. The onion rings. Super good. Thick cut and nicely cooked, so that the onion melts in your mouth. I’m not a fan of onion rings where the onion is actually still crunchy. And it came with a good dipping sauce too. But I prefer to eat my rings plain.
The grilled corn. It’s corn on the cob absolutely drizzled in butter (amazingly buttery, beyond buttery) and drizzled with chili butter. It was such a strange combination of opposing tastes, but I loved it. The corn wasn’t super sweet, but sweet enough, and then it was absolutely drenched in butter, and the “chili butter”on top was quite spicy, but added a really nice unexpected flavor. I’m not sure if this was really chili butter. It just seemed like a combo of sriracha, maybe some louisiana type hot sauce, and melted butter. And most of it, I rubbed off, but what little hint of spice I left, was just enough. I would totally order this corn again. It’s good for soakin’ up all the sidecars I keep drinkin!

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