Smokin It Up At Ron’s

Whenever you walk down a particular strip of south street, you can’t avoid the smell. You know, the char smell… the grill smell… the bbq smell. The Ron’s Ribs smell. J invited us out to join him for a visit to Ron’s Ribs. Man, when you walk in there, you are punched in the face with the bbq fumes. And it soaks into your pores, your hair, your clothes. It’s very much like korean bbq smell in the way it immediately permeates into your being. It’s pretty much a take-out place, and bbq is on the menu.
We got two beef platters, which was a heap of beef ribs with your choice of sauce and two sides. We got cole slaw, mac and cheese, and an additional side of yams. After having just been in Oklahoma and having real slow smoked and pit bbq, this was quite a drastic change. These are big ass beef ribs, not the little pork ribs. And there’s a lot of bone. Probably too much bone and not enough meat. It was tasty, but perhaps not enough meat for what you’re actually getting. The cole slaw is crazy sweet, good, but perhaps a bit too sweet. And rarely are things too sweet for me. Again, a crazy contrast from the vinegar laced slaw I’d just eaten in Oklahoma. The mac and cheese was delish. The yams were good but nothing exciting. The yams are Tootsie’s blow these out of the water. It’s not cheap, but two platters between 3 people was just right. There seems to be a surge of bbq places around philly lately. I’m excited to try them all out!

Ron’s Ribs
1627 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 732-3561

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