I totally craved some fresh fruit and veggies the other night. I’d been subsisting on pasta and meats and grains, and my body totally realized it. So I picked up a bunch of berries, including these lovely blueberries. Gah, I love me some good blueberries!I got some regular strawberries too. Then on a separate trip to whole foods, I picked up some organic strawberries because they were on sale. Trust me, fruit shopping at whole foods isn’t something I normally do. So I decided to do a taste test. So the organic one is on the left, and the regular one is on the right. And the taste? Well, they were both good, but neither was great. It’s so hit or miss with fruit, you know? Sometimes you can just get the most amazing pint of strawberries one week, and then the next it sucks. Or it’s just ok all the time. I crave for consistency. They were a bit different from each other, but not one worse than the other. But neither of them was an amazing strawberry. So really, this girl doesn’t see any difference.

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  1. foodhoe says:

    ooh yes those are gorgeous looking berries! I have a little strawberry plant that yields 1-2 berries a week, it's such a tease…

  2. Anonymous says:

    nice close up of those berries.

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