Hankering For Pasta

Some days, I just hanker for something. Something very specific. The other week I wanted spaghetti with italian sausage. And I wanted it bad. So I whipped some up. It’s easy!
Here’s what you need:
Italian sausage
Onions – sliced, chopped, whatever
Jar of spaghetti sauce

Throw the onions and the sausage in a pan, skillet, whatever you want to cook on. I just bought some sweet italian sausage, but I could have used hot just as easily. Depends on my mood. There’s tons of way to cook the sausage, but this is just the way I did it. I should have cut up the sausage into smaller pieces, but I just cut it up into bigger chunks. And then while cooking, I just cut them up even more. It would probably have been easier to cut it up first with a proper knife.Then once the sausage and onions are cooked through, just dump a jar of spaghetti sauce in there. Whatever flavor you like. Heat this up a bit and then after your pasta is cooked the way you want, dump the sauce over the pasta. Then proceed eating. This obviously makes a ton. It lasted me for days!

Sure looks like a hot mess, but it certainly tasted great. It’s super easy to prepare and nice and hearty!

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Hankering For Pasta
  1. John says:

    It looks so delicious
    I'll definitely to come back to your blog again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can bring home the sausage and fry it up in the pan!

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