Huge Breakfast – Suburban Style

R was in town from Austin to attend a former colleague’s wedding to another former colleague. Oye. Yes, where I used to work, they like to all pair of with each other. Anyhoo, we decided to meet up before the festivities for breakfast. Since she was staying in malvern, we met up at the King Street Grille. I haven’t been here in such a long time! But I’ve always had fond memories of this place.
While they serve all kinds of food, you really need to come here for the breakfast items. It’s pretty tremendous. Both R and D ended up getting some variety of pancake. These are not little plates people. These are big plates, and these are big pancakes. Look at those banana pancakes. How beautiful are they? Oh, and you can’t get one pancake. You have to get at least a stack of 2.
Look at what I got! Ha! It’s a giant plate of whipped cream! Oh wait, is there a waffle under there? Oh yes there is! And some bananas! And then it’s topped with an entire container of whipped cream! Yes King Street Grille, perhaps you went a little overboard with the whipped cream here! The waffle was tasty and the bananas were good too, but it would probably have been better if the bananas were cooked. Man… I should have gotten the banana pancakes! Next time.

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