Lovers And Madmen

My friend G just recently starting holding additional movie nights at Lovers and Madmen, a fairly new coffee shop, in University City. It’s adorable. Just damn adorable. I love the paint color combinations on the outside. Totally adorable, it sickens me.

The menu? Sparse. But I can appreciate that. Just do a few things well instead of doing a crapload of things meh. I wanted a decaf iced coffee (y’all know I can’t do caffeine) but they said they were out. But he suggested making me a decaf iced americano instead. It was perfect. And the barista was so nice. The place is small, but not claustrophobic. It’s decorated very tastefully. They do have some food for sale, but not too much. And they have a nice flatscreen where we can watch our movie. And couches too! It’s a place for lovers, it’s a place for madmen, it’s a place for everyone.

Lovers & Madmen Coffee Lounge
28 S 40th St
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 243-9851
Lovers and Madmen Coffee Lounge on Urbanspoon

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Lovers And Madmen
  1. Cheekie Mom says:

    They have excellent food and lovely staff. I went one week with a friend and found myself going back over and over and over again. Great coffee too! Highly Recommended!

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