Beans For Dessert!

So it’s summertime in Philadelphia, and while it hasn’t been excruciatingly hot lately, it’s been hella warm. And humid. Perfect for a cool treat. So while dropping by Assi with some friends the other week, I picked up a box of these popsicles. BBBig! Yeah, that’s right. And it’s a popsicle made from sweet red beans.

Crazy, right? Well, actually, not so much. In the lands where people who look like me come from, sweet red beans are quite often used in desserts. Sweets, pastries, candies, and ice creams! The idea of a red bean popsicle is not strange to me, but I grew up with it. But I can see how you may find it offensive. But you have to remember that this is sweet red bean, and not a plain bean. This is not refried beans on a stick. It’s sweet and delicious. Now there are actualy hunks of beans in there, so that part actually is a bit strange. But I guess it’s not really too much stranger than eating a fruitsicle where you bite into hunks of strawberries or mangos. But yeah, the whole hunks of beans is slightly offputting, but trust me, it’s good.

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Beans For Dessert!
  1. (( SKY )) says:

    It does taste pretty good for a bean dessert but I guess I don't really like red bean much.

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