Carolina Style BBQ

On my second day, my hosts wanted to go out to eat. They of course asked what I would want to eat. And I said I wanted something quintessentially Winston-Salem. So after much talk, it was decided on bbq. For those of you who like bbq and know of it, there are many different kinds, along with much debate about what is best. To me, it’s a matter of personal preference. I just like it all. I’ve lived in Texas so I know texas style, I’ve been to Kansas City, so I know that too. There’s also Memphis style, and of course there’s North Carolina style. They’re all different, but all good in their own different ways.

We ended up at the Pig N Out, which is a fairly new place. It had been a different bbq joint before that. As to not freak out my dining companions with my photo taking, I did not take any. So apologies for the lack of visual proof. When you’re in NC, it’s all about chopped and pulled meats. They’re not really into the ribs or the briskets and what not. It’s all about pork, and it’s about chopping it up or pulling it to bits. I’m not typically into that kind of stuff, so I got a sliced sandwich. I expected it to be like brisket, but it’s actually much more just like roast pork slices. There’s no crust on it, there’s no ring of smoke, it just looks like roast pork slices. And the bbq sauces here are the vinegar kind.

But what they do put on their sandwiches is slaw. Not cole slaw mind you, of the white variety. This is north carolina bbq slaw. It’s ketchup or bbq sauce based. And I’m in LOVE with it. Now I’m a fan of cole slaw in general, so I knew I would like it. But this is so much better than the white slaw! It’s much zestier. And it tastes amazing on a sandwich. That extra crunch and zing of flavor add to the meat. Holy moly. I am a newly crowned bbq slaw nut. And it’s also hush puppy country down here. But they aren’t the round ones. These look like little strips / squirts. To me, they looked like fried clam strips! But no, they’re hush puppies.

This place is absolutely no frills. You order your food and you sit yourself down with your tray. In fact, it kind of looks like it used to be a really old wendy’s or another fast food joint in a previous incarnation. They have sweet tea here too, along with banana pudding. It’s definitely the South!

Pig N Out
5954 University Pkwy
Winston Salem, NC 27105

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Carolina Style BBQ
  1. Xavier says:

    There's a BBQ place in Drexel Hill (Delaware County) named Pig Daddy's BBQ if you're interested in either Carlina or Memphis style BBQ. And their hush puppies are the size of golf balls. A bit greasy. But huge.

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