Chowin’ At Chow

Even with so many places to choose from, sometimes it’s really hard to actually pick a place. We threw out tons of ideas, but then we ended up at Chow. Chow happens to be E’s favorite place to eat. J likes it too. But it’s a bit overpriced for what it is, which is comfort food.
It’s a nice size, and always packed. People are always waiting. When we got there, we grabbed the last table. Score!

J got the entree of the day which was the fish tacos. These were quite amazing. They should have these on the menu every day. They have a regular schedule of daily specials.
I got the fish of the day, which was a pan grilled halibut with garlic mashed potatoes, and green beans in a saffron. This was a lovely dish, nice and light. I love flat fish like halibut and flounder.
J said that we had to leave room for desserts. When he was here last time, he had ordered a dessert and said to the waitress that he wanted the small one. E told him that they know that you would want the small, and so you don’t need to explicitly tell them. All of them come in small and large. Well, wouldn’t you know it. We ordered apple pie a la mode and strawberry and rhubarb cobbler a la mode. Two desserts for two people. And the bitch brought out larges. Can you believe this? Why would two people ordering two desserts want two larges? If it were four people ordering two desserts, then maybe, but not when it’s two people. It just wasn’t necessary that’s all. This was like one sixth of an entire apple pie with ice cream on top. Delicious, but the size of it wasn’t necessary.
The cobbler was also amazing. I’ve never actually had anything with rhubarb before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was really lovely and sweet. With a nice crumble on top and really good ice cream on top. But again, we just didn’t need so much. We’ll remember this for next time! Service was ok, considering she stuck us with such large desserts. The food didn’t come out very quickly, but I heard that it normally does. Well, not this time. It is definitely good and solid food, if not slightly overpriced.

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