Monk’s Kettle – Finally!

When we dined at Frjtz the other night, A and E had actually first suggested Monk’s Kettle. Since J loves it and had been talking about going back since we went in November, we all wanted to go there. But we knew it wouldn’t happen because they’re always packed and they don’t take reservations. By the time we went and wanted to put our names in, it was going to be an hour and a half wait or so. We scoffed. And then we went to Frjtz and ate like kings.So we did stop by Monk’s the next night. The girl at the door (not the regular moustached hipster dude) told us there may be a 45 minute wait. We decided to just go for it and bide our time. Then about 5 minutes later, they called us. Basically, the girl didn’t have any clue. So we essentially had no wait. Unless it’s in the middle of the day, this is quite a rarity at Monk’s Kettle.

And we got a proper table! A really good one! Right next to a couple of old dudes who seemed to be on a first date. Cute, but not cute. They were kind of annoying… like they were trying to hard! Ha! So here’s the big monk’s kettle beer list. They have tons of beer, on draft and in bottles, ranging from a few bucks to hundreds of bucks. If you’re into fancy expensive beers, this is the place for you! We splurged on this asparagus appetizer – fresh asparagus fire grilled, drizzled with a lemon vinaigrette, and topped with thinly sliced prosciutto and shaved ricotta salata. Man, it was really good. Everything I expected, and more! It would only have been better if there were more! I got the pulled pork sandwich – ‘Coleman Natural Hampshire’ beer-braised pulled pork with house made Porter BBQ sauce, on a Metropolis poppyseed kaiser bun, with jicama slaw. The sandwich was good, with the sauce being surprisingly sweet. With it being a beer based sauce I expected it to be more savory, but it was really quite sweet. Perhaps too sweet. The fries were heavenly, as usual. I love this skinny type of fry. The jicama slaw was weird. I sort of liked it, but J thought it was gross. I could see why it would weird people out. Jicama is strange in general, and the flavor was rather odd. I dug it, but that was just me.

J just ended up getting a burger. You know what burgers look like. They have good burgers. Service was good. The food came out fairly fast. Actually, it came out much faster than the last time we ate here. And that time, it was lunch and the place was deserted. On a busy saturday night, the food came out fast. Strange. It gets really crowded here folks. There weren’t any other free tables, and there were people standing at the bar. If you want beer and tons of strange beers to choose from, this is your place. But you’ll spend a lot of money. If you’re up for that, then stop by!
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