Noodles In Japantown

We had walked around japantown a little bit before catching our movie at the kabuki, but we stopped by on Friday for a proper visit. Whence in japantown, one must eat japanese food!

By the time we got there, we were absolutely famished, so we pretty much just stopped at the first place we saw. That was Suzu Noodle House. So glad we did!
It’s a noodle house, so get noodles! We both ended up getting some lunch specials. J got a tuna over rice bowl along with a lovely udon soup. I love udon noodles. I love how thick and chewy they are.
I got some chicken curry, which was super good. I love me some japanese style curry! If you haven’t had japanese curry before, please try it. Beware, it’s not like thai curry or indian curry at all. There’s no yellow, green, red, etc. variety and there’s no coconut milk in it. It’s quite different. And by different, I mean better. And the curry itself is thick. I grew up with my mom making it so it’s something that I’ve loved for a long time. And to this day, it’s still my favorite style of curry. I don’t like coconut milk, so in reality, it’s not much of a contest.
I also got some soba soup. I was in the mood for some soba noodles, for some reason, so I went for it. Typically, I enjoy my soba noodles cold, in the zaru soba dish. This was the first time I’d had it hot. And it was delicious! They make their own noodles here, and while we didn’t try the ramen noodles, the soba and the udon were great. Tasty and cooked well. The broth on our soups were also nice and strong and flavorful. Service was nice and polite. The food came out fast! And since we got lunch specials, we got tons of food for a great price.
Suzu Noodle House
1825 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 346-5083

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