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Had to make a quick overnight trip to the DC area earlier in the week for a work jaunt. We were staying in the Tysons Corner area, so I consulted my trusty yelp for a sushi recommendation. Purely by proximity, I picked Sushi Yoshi. It’s a cute little spot in a particularly cute and old-timey neighborhood. Everyone was very friendly and for a monday night, there was a nice mix of people there. I’ve never had okonomiyaki before. I know what it is, and I’ve seen it plenty on tv, blogs, etc, but I’ve never tasted it. They had a seafood okonomiyaki special, so I decided to give it a go. It’s basically a pancake, with whatever you want to put inside it. This particular one was seafood, and it included salmon and other treats from the sea. It was topped with two different sweet and savory sauces, and one of them was extremely spicy! It’s pan fried until the outside is crispy. What was it like? Well, it was like a fishy, crunchy, mushy pancake! I liked it. But I wasn’t crazy about it. It’s something fun to try and share. Now I can say I’ve had okonomiyaki!
We then got a bunch of sushi and a few rolls. Obviously, you can see various salmon, tuna, etc. The top roll is the mexican roll – shrimp, avocado, and tempura Flakes served with spicy mayo and jalapeno sauce. Loved it, and the sauce was nice and spicy. The middle roll is the costa rica roll – spicy yellow tail and mango with jalapeno sauce. Another awesome roll. How could I say no to this… it had mango on it! The bottom roll is the bagel roll – cream cheese, avocado and smoked salmon. Another great roll.
For being such a random pick, we totally lucked out. This was the highest quality sushi. The fish was super fresh and all the sushi and rolls were carefully prepared. Sometimes it’s really easy to find mediocre sushi. I’m so glad we found good sushi! Service was good and it seemed like this place was actually run by genuine Japanese! I highly recommend checking this place out if you’re staying in Tysons Corner.
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