US Airways – Love and Hate

Oh US Airways… How you’re always toying with me. On this particular journey home, you made me wait at one gate telling me the flight departure would be delayed an hour. And so I waited. Then you made a very quiet announcement, that was barely audible, saying that the gate had changed and that they were finishing up boarding of my flight. Finishing boarding, even though the big sign said we weren’t going to be taking off for another hour. Then after I got on the plane and we roamed around a bit, you told us we wouldn’t be allowed to take off for another half hour. And you knew this before we got on the plane. Then a half an hour later, you told us we wouldn’t be allowed to take off for another half hour. So we waited some more. Then just as we were about to be allowed to take off, you took us back to the gate because of a minor mechanical issue. So we’d been sitting on the plane for well over an hour. A hot plane. Then we get the issue fixed and then we finally take off, two hours after we were originally supposed to. And to help us with our inconvenience, you even offer us free booze on the flight. And at this point, everyone is just too annoyed to even drink. But then… then… you give me free biscoffs. How do you know they’re my kryptonite? Are you psychic? And I am sitting next to a guy who can’t eat sugar so he gives me his biscoffs? As soon as you make me hate you, you turn around and make me love you.

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