Walzwerk – German Food In The Mission

I told you there was tons of places to eat in the Mission. An off-the-beaten-path option is Walzwerk, a german place. It’s on South Van Ness, not near anything remotely interesting. Unless you consider used car lots and mechanic shops interesting. It came highly recommended from J2, so thank you to him. He usually doesn’t even eat strange food, so we’re very proud of him for trying something so ethnic. It’s a little itty bitty place that specializes in east german cuisine. We love their logo.
Before our dishes came out, they gave us complimentary appetizers. Yum!
They even have their logo on their plates. Adorable.
They had a special which was a vegetarian asparagus stew. This stew was thick and hearthy and super peppery. Beyond peppery, but in a good way. It had asparagus, along with some hunks of carrot, potatoes, and other veggies. It was served with some seriously grainy and chunky bread. It was perfect for this stew.
J ordered the sauerbraten. It is a big heaping of stewed braised beef, slow cooked so that it’s super tender, along with braised cabbage and a little bit of spaetzle. This is one of my favorite german dishes, so I loved it. It was tons of food, with strong flavors, and with high quality ingredients. I wasn’t in the mood for meat, so I got the cheese spaetzle. It’s basically a german version of mac and cheese, and I loved it. It was german comfort food at its best. It was served with a mixed salad, which consisted of white cabbage, carrot, and red cabbage salads. I loved them all! We also had apfelschorle, which is basically apple soda, which is one of my most favorite drinks in the whole wide world. And seeing as how it’s a german restaurant, they also have a fine selection of brews. This place is tiny, and quite popular, so make a reservation, or go early! Service is good, and the servers are genuine germans! I can’t recommend this place enough.

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Walzwerk – German Food In The Mission
  1. Jesper says:

    Miss Foodzing is forgiven.

  2. Jesus says:

    Great pictures! I especially enjoy that first one!

  3. Jesper says:

    This is J2 here. I can't believe you didn't give me recommendation props. You are not allowed back in our place.

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