Japanese Noodles!

We kind of ate a lot this day… but we started with lunch at Sanuki Sandon Udon, one of the food court selections. It’s a noodle place. I love the fake food displays. Every restaurant in the universe should have one.
H/A got some curry beef over noodles. It was very liquidy, like a curry soup. He also got a piece of shrimp tempura.
I wanted to leave plenty of room for lots of food, so I just got a nice bowl of kitsune udon. Kitsune actually means fox, so technically, this is fox noodles. The kitsune are the sweetened deep fried tofu slabs. I love kitsune. It’s just the best. And it’s perfect in udon noodle soups. This was the perfect noodle meal to start our day of feasting. And it was super cheap!

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